About me

My name is Vadim. I am a florist. I started my career in 2004 and since then I gained vast experience: I participated in several competitions (Siberian Cup of Professional Floristry, Russian Cup of Professional Floristry and International Land art Festival).

I am a participant and coach of numerous floral workshops and shows in Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, Spain and Mexico. Moreover, I am a permanent participant of the Land art Festivals since 2012. I love Land art and do my best to make a wider audience aware of it and its last tendencies.

My whole life is connected with flowers: a wonderful team of professionals and me teach people at my own floristry school, I set up various projects and learn more from well-known florists. I see flowers as high art and believe that my passion towards the floristry help me to show this to others.



Bouquets, floral compositions, wedding floristry.


Event decoration, eco-goods design.

Land Art

Participant and host of various Land art projects.


Leading workshops, seminars and shows all over the world.


I took part in many competitions. In 2011 I won the first place in the Russian Cup of Professional Floristry (Russia, Moscow) and also got the second place (jury opinion) and the first place (public opinion) in the International Landart Festival (Grindelwald, Switzerland).

work team

Roman Shtengauer

Florist / Designer

Irina Lapushinskaya


Konstantin Prusov

Artist / Designer

Alexander Menshikov